Published in prajashaktitelugu daily news paper on 7-2-2003 in Nalgonda district edition :

Good Results with Local Made Medicine fast recovery of severe injuries

One devulapallysrinivasa chary of adavidevulapallyvillage, Damaracherlamandal, nalgonda district who is practicing as on experienced doctor, who is treating his patients with locally made medicines which results good healing and treatment learned by his ancestors and with his own experience further. he told that he has discovered on herbal medicine with plants available in the area with great hardship by working upon it for so many years. He told that with this medicinesevere injuries, fractured bones will be healed fastly.Moreover with this medicines treatment will be successful for Ulcer injuries, burn injuries. He told Allopathy medicines will take 15 to 20 days for healing the injuries, but his medicine will effectively heal the injuries within a week time.For Allopathy medicines thousands of rupees has to be borne but whereas for his medicine a little amount is sufficient.He told that is serving the poor and down trodden remote living people since last 10 years. He told that is prepared to discovered new medicines(Antibiotic) if government helps him. He told not only this medicine his treating diabetic patients, and other long diseases.


Published in Andrabhumi telugu Daily paper on dated 14/6/2002 of nalgonda district edition,andrapradesh,india.
News flash: damaracherlajune 13

One Ayurveda doctor by name devulapallysrinivasachary of this mandal president of adavidevulapally told that with the locally made herbal medicine the healing of diseases is resulting good. He told that he got this profession from his ancestors and told that is giving treatment to served patients with fruitful results.Further he told that he has discovered this medicine with several locally available plants and this medicine is suitable for healing of burn injuries ,ulcer injuries and injuries caused by operations. He told that comparing with allopathy medicines costs with a10% expenses of this medicine can be head. He told that with medicines from the plants he prepared capsules and using on the patients with faster healing resulting. He has told that treating patients with this medicines in the village and also surrounding villages .He told that he invented the medicine with a grate hardship and he told that herbal medicines locally made are not in much use now a days and they are not popular now a days. He has told that with grate difficulty and financial problems as discovered the herbal medicine and he challenged that with in a week’s time if his medicine is being used on the burn injuries and stomach injuries complete health will be recovered. He also told the people that patients are wasting the time and money.He request the government to take over the herbal medicine discovered by him and distribute the same to the needy patients.
“ Rasaanam (prashastha rakthadhi dhathunaam) ayanam (sthanam) Rasaayanam ”
Rasaayanam :-
These are the group of moiety which can generate body fluids, maintains the organs, maintains longevity, anti aging effect, generate blood, body fluids, behavior, memory power, body strength, body glow, health, good voice, sperms cells improvement and body brightness are known as Rasaayanam.